Portable Micro-grid Power Station

Power E is a high-end, portable micro-grid power station that users can take on the go, allowing them to power their outdoor excursions, camping trips,and any other outdoor activity.

Products Details

Net Weight ~45kg
Size 452x345x494mm
Working Temperature Charging:-20°C-40°℃ Discharging:-15°℃-40°C
Warranty 5 years
Certifcations Meets US and International Safety and EMI Standards
Quick Charge SOC to 80% in 1 hour SOC to 100% in 1.5 hour
Running Noise TBD
IP level IP21
Capacity Expansion Can expand the capacity by one E+ Battery to 7.06kWh
Power Expansion Can expand the powerby 2 to 6kW
240V split phase With mSocket Pro or mPanel(sold separately), can output240V split phase, max 6000W
24/7 SeamlessHome Backup Support(need mPanel)
Charging Method AC Wall Outlet, Solar Panel, Car charging, EV Charger, Generator, Lead-acid battery
AC Charging Max 3000W
Solar Charging Max 2000W(6OV-150V)
Car Charging FusionDC Charger
EC AC Charging Spot EV1772 adapter
Generator Support
Lead-acid battery Fusion DC Charger
Output Ports 13
AC Output Ports 2×16A
USB-A 6×QC3.027W
USB-C 1×PD65W+1×PD100W
Car Power Output 12V/10A
DC5521 Output 2×12V/5A
AC RV Port 30A
Size 4.3 Inches
Touch Screen Yes
Resolution Ratio 480×800
Screen pigment 16.7M colors
Battery Capacity 3.53kWh
Cell Chemistry CATL LFP Battery Cell
Life Span Capacity Retention>70%after 2000 cycles
Battery Management Systems Over Voltage Protection, Overload Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Temperature Protection, Low Voltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection
Max charging rate Up to 1.1C
AC Output Power 3000W,120VAC,60Hz
Power of Over-load 3000W<load≤3300W,5mins; 3300W<load≤3750,60s 3750W<load≤4500W,30s 4500W<load≤6000W,20ms
Maximum Power Point Trackers 1x, Support Both Roof and Portable Solar Panels
Inverter Effiency Up to 88%
Connection Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
App Romote Control Yes
OTA Upgrade Yes
USB Firmware Update Yes
Customized Mode TBD
Smart Measurement Yes
Smart Energy and Carbon Footprint Report  Yes
Smart Notifications Yes
Smart Self-Check System Yes

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