100W Battery Lithium Charger Rechargeable Solar Portable Power Station

The A101 is the lightest and smallest portable power station with an AC function available under 100Wh and 26400mAh capacity. The device also comes with a hand strap, making it easy to carry around, especially for backpacking or camping. This portable power station can provide you with reliable backup power both outdoors and indoors. In addition to charging, it also contains a bright LED light to improve visibility and provide emergency lighting at dark night.

Products Details

A101 not only can be recharged by car and AC, but also can be combined with solar panels to store energy from the sun to provide long-term electricity. So it avoids the problem of running out of power stations outdoor. In the event of a power outage, you can get power from these energy storage units all the time. It also reduces the use of diesel generators and provides electricity without producing any noise, pollution, or smog.3.3 Recharge modes: 1)AC adaptor 2)Car charger 3)Solar panel(Not included)








Charging times/Power-on time(hrs)

13 times

1 time

24 hrs

12 hrs

1.5 hrs

3 hrs

Lithium-ion battery pack energy: 6Ah/ 14.8v/88.8Wh Cell capacity: 26400mAh/3. 7V AC rated output energy: 75Wh Enter: DC5-15V-2A MAX Output: USB-C1/2 5V-2.4A 9V-2.0A 12V-1.5A, DC 12V-10A, USB-A1 5V-2.4A 9V-2.0A 12V-1.5A, USB-A2 5V 2.4A Power Source: AC Adaptor, Car, Solar Panel AC(Sine wave)Output: 100-240V 50/60Hz continued 100W Peak200W Operating temperature: -20-40°C Charging temperature: 0-40°C Special Features: Type C, Flashlight Material of Casing: ABS+PC Certification: RoHS,CE,FCC,UN38.3,MSDS,PSE Use: Video Game Player, Smart Watch, MP3 / MP4 Player, Microphone, LAPTOP, Earphone, Camera1.Capacity with 26400mAh, euipped with 2 USB,1 DC and 2 Type-C PD, which allow to charge laptop, tablet and cell phone at same time. 2.2 LED modes: 1)Read ligh mode 2)SOS mode

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